This is the traditional recipe for Red Wine Sangria. I used Blackberry Brandy instead of regular to give it some extra fruitiness and at the last minute decided to throw a couple whole cloves in. It’s crisp, refreshing, and a little lighter than wine %abv-wise. It makes a great spring or summertime drink- now that the weather is finally starting to warm up!! I made this tonight to bring to the BYOB restaurant, Chef Vola. I’ve only been there once before but can vouch for the food being AMAZING, although it is quite the experience (those of you who have been there before know what I’m talking about.) Chef Vola is an underground restaurant in Atlantic City. It’s run by an old Italian family, literally in their basement. It’s a mysterious place- there is no sign out front, they don’t advertise, and rumor has it you have to “know someone” to get reservations.  The entrance is down this dark staircase alongside an old home. Last time I was there I felt like I was doing something illegal :/  The food is served family style and let me tell you… course by course it just keeps coming. I’m talking old. world. italian. food.
1 750ml btl red wine
1/2 OJ (I used crystal light early sunrise orange)
1/4 c. blackberry brandy
1/4 c. simple syrup (mix equal parts boiling water and sugar, then let cool. I used Splenda)
1 c. club soda
2 whole cloves
fruit pieces of your choice
Mix all ingredients and let chill.

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